Poetry by Jennifer D. Wade
I Never Said It was Good....

Life in Leeds

Some of the poems I wrote for that Poetry Writing course were inspired by the year I spent studying at the University of Leeds.  The people I met, my dorm room, even a lecture.  No topic was safe when poetry had to be written in order for me to graduate.

Arrival and Departure


Bare yellow walls stare at me;

Empty bookshelves display wide, gaping spaces;

A wardrobe looms, door ajar;

And my suitcases wait in the corner.




Bare yellow walls console me;

Empty bookshelves present wide, gaping spaces;

The wardrobe closes its door;

And my suitcases wait in the corner.


(September 26, 1987)

15 January, 1987

The snow - it fell.

The wind - it blew.

The weather - it was cold.

"Don't go out unless you must!"

That's what we'd all been told.


The North was chilly;

The South was frigid;

Schools and roads were closed.

Overall, effects were worse

Than could have been supposed.


But we are students,

Brave and true;

Knowledge we must gain.

We can't stop nor take a break

For snow, or sleet, or rain.


On we trudged

Through slop and slush;

We braved the bitter blasts.

We cared not if we caught our deaths;

We had to get to class.


Rooms were icy;

Windows were frosted;

The lecturers didn't care.

On they droned, and on and on...

While we froze to our chairs.


But, we are students,

Brave and true;

Knowledge we must gain.

And if it snows and blows tonight,

We'll do it all again.
A Philosphy Lecture

Like tired horses they're falling

         one by one

     an ordered trail forms

                    no one can stop it

                once it starts

            on and on

         he drones


  no one pays him anymore

     no one cares

                 pointless to

             be here now

          ceased caring


         I wish he would










(October 11, 1987; revised January 5, 1988)