Poetry by Jennifer D. Wade
I Never Said It was Good....

Just My Opinion

The poems on this page are the best I've written.  Whether they're actually any good is a whole different matter.


O! My soul cries out because you love me:

   Rising, falling, with every breath you take;

Ebbing, flowing: In Neptune's tidal sea

   Dashed to pieces on the rocks.  Watch it break.

Let me go; release me from these hard chains

   Trapping me in the prism that is you,

Holding me captive to your strong refrains.

   Standing on harbored shores, you laugh while blue

Seas passively drown me. O! My soul bleeds.

   You are the tide; I, the thin, fragile reed.


(October 11, 1987)

A Little Imagination

As I sat in your room --

   and you in mine,

You worked toward your future --

  and I looked into it.


I looked at the photos on your desk --

  they were taken

       at Ike's

       on your 21st birthday.


I saw you


  showing them to family

        and friends --

  wanting to remember.


I wrote a message

  on the back --

      from me

      to you

      with a little imagination.


(November 22, 1987)

Winter Haiku

Frayed trees still stand tall

Against wind and sleet and snow.

Spring is their seamstress.